CyprusEye_Bank: the RefrActive Eye Bank of Cyprus 

EYE BANKING & Cutting Edge Ophthalmic Research 

Τhe Cyprus Eye_Bank "Γρηγόρης Γεωργαρίου" -the RefrACTIVE Eye Bank of Cyprus- is an  independent NOT FOR PROFIT start-up Non Governmental Organization (NGO) under the Cypriot Law that aims to recover, process, evaluate, and distribute ocular tissue for transplantation and to promote cutting-edge Ophthalmic Research in Cyprus.  

In collabortation with the Hellenic Eye -Bank "Γρηγόρης Γεωργαρίου" -a spin-off of the ΝCSR Demokritos- our goal is to become the largest Eye Bank Provider in Southeastern Europe and to introduce unique solutions to Eye-Banking and Corneal Transplantation worldwide. 

The CyprusEYE_BANK  is a joined venture of distinguished Cypriot and Greek Cornea Surgeons of the Public, Academic, and Private Sector. 

η ομάδα της τράπεζας οφθαλμών Kύπρου είστε ΕΣΕΙΣ!

Cy_Bank:  the RefrACTIVE Bank of Cyprus


Antonis Aristeidou

Board Member

Ioannis Aslanides

Miltos Balidis

Board Member

Τonia Bayada

Board Member 

Andreas Demosthenous

Constantinos Demosthenous

Spyros Gorezis

Kostas Moschou 

George Papamichael 

Theodoros Potamitis

Menelaos Sergiou

Dimitris Siganos

Board Member

Michalis Tsatsos 

Tenia Voudouri

Board Member

our Mission 

Cy-Bank aims to promote and support Public Awareness regarding post Death Cadaveric Cornea Donation through Collaboration with Cypriotic State Authorities. 

We have developed the "Metropolitan Procurement Plan" that aims to assist the State in proper Potential Cadaveric Donor Screening and Selection.

Our Mission is for Cyprus to become self efficient for Cornea Tissue within 2020. 

We have developed patents that aim to create new fascinating Products pertaining to Keratoplasty and Keratoconus Management

Our Mission is to create minimal invasive Alternatives to traditional Keratoplasty. 

Cy-Bank will soon be licenced as a Tissue Facility according to the European Regulatons to recover process, evaluate and distribute Cornea-Modified Tissue Products and Amniotic Membranes

Organizational Chart of our NGO press here

 CyprusEye_BANK: the RefrACTIVE  EyeBANK of Cyprus 

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